You know how difficult is to find and verify the documentation about fiscal requirements. It’s even harder to create retail-specific documents with all typical processes like returns, discounts, voucher handling, and many others. 

All that we are doing for you with a big team of specialists.

Our team consists of legal specialists, technical consultants, senior architects, sales consultants, and editors. 
This team is
  • screening and monitoring the countries and their fiscal laws
  • creating all important documents,
  • maintaining all documents,
  • monitoring countries for important news and changes
  • creating news about importing topics
  • analyzing news and changes to create height priority alerts for you if needed
  • taking care that all those information are delivered to you through the portal
If you want to find out all about the benefits that this portal is creating for you just book a short meeting with one of our portal consultants.
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Milan Lazarević

General Manager
He is heading the complete team of fiscal specialists: legal, developers, consultants, and all other fiscal specialists. He is the operational father of the fiscal portal. He knows everything about why we created something that way, what problems we are solving and how we do it. It will not be easy to schedule a meeting with him. But if you succeed, it will be an unforgettable experience.

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Darko Pavić

Co-founder and Board Member
It’s all his idea – not only portal but the whole company and everything that we do. Based on hundreds of projects around the world with the biggest retailers and the most famous software vendors his experiences led to the creation of the portal and all other products and services that we have. After more than 20 years in retail IT, he has seen a lot. So, even if you don’t really want to use our products and services talking to Darko alone will give you unbelievable value for your future success.

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Maja Jovetić

Account Manager
Thanks to hundreds of meetings with our exiting and potential users, Maja knows exactly what is important and what can help you to run your fiscalization smoothly.
She will guide you through all important facts about the Fiscal Portal and she will show you in a comprehensive meeting the biggest benefits that you can have.

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Danilo Krstonijević

Account Manager
You want to know something, he knows the answer. In cooperation with our biggest accounts, he is daily involved in looking for the best concepts to solve the operational problems of retailers and software vendors. His focus is your operation in all those fiscal countries. 

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Marina Marinković

Sales Manager

Marina is focusing whole her efforts on our fiscal portal. In just a couple of months, she became an expert in all features of this great online library. There are no secrets for her.

We could not imagine a better person for you to talk about details than Marina. Schedule an online meeting with her and we promise you no open points after it.