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Fiscal Law timeline

The fiscalization system in Slovakia represents a particular mechanism, which consists of the mandatory requirements on the both hardware and software side of the solutions available on the market. Types of fiscal solutions available on the market, their architecture, and integration methods, depending on the prerogatives of the taxpayer or manufacturer.


New fiscal law in Slovakia, as a concept of online type of fiscalization, has been proposed and discussed during 2018. The latest update at that time defined that all retailers can comply with the new law from April 1st, 2019, but must start on 1st July 2019. If they had the obligation to register sales under the new law for the first time, they were required to use the E-kasa cashier client from April 1st, 2019. On the 19th June 2019, the decision from the authorities was published that there will not be penalties for non – using online cash register until the end of 2019.

Type of fiscalization: Hardware/Software

The new law regulation demands that all cash registers – both classic and virtual – be converted to new „online cash registers“ (called „eKasa“ cash registers) and connected with the tax authorities. In other words, all cash registers must have access to the Internet, enabling all transactions immediately to be transmitted to the financial administration and every issued receipt to be recorded in the central memory. 

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Fiscal subject related

E-kasa project in Slovakia

Public Slovakia Slovakia 13.04.2021. 14:16H Author: Kristina Dosen

Taxpayers who use online cash registers must change the authentication data two years after the impl... Read more

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Public Slovakia Slovakia 09.04.2021. 10:29H Author: Kristina Dosen

So-called „e-commerce VAT package“ will come info effect on July 1, 2021. Read more

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The consultation process on the e-invoic...

Public Slovakia Slovakia 09.04.2021. 10:27H Author: Kristina Dosen

The Ministry of Finance in Slovakia involved public entities regarding the consultation process on t... Read more

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General information

The usage of eKasa in Slovakia

Public Slovakia Slovakia 09.04.2021. 10:24H Author: Kristina Dosen

Since it has been almost two years since the introduction of eKasa, users of the online cash registe... Read more

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Public Slovakia Slovakia 09.04.2021. 10:23H Author: Kristina Dosen

Preparation for an invoice clearance model in Slovakia will last because businesses will have to rep... Read more

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General information, General subject related General information, + 1 more

Slovakia introduces a new draft law rega...

Slovakia Slovakia 26.03.2021. 11:37H Author: Kristina Dosen

Customers advantages when buying food Read more

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Technical description

S4F Service general interface

Germany, Bulgaria, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Srpska, Italy, France, Poland, Slovakia, Serbia, Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Montenegro, Romania, Slovenia, Albania, Hungary, Portugal 18 Countries 15.06.2021. 15:31H Author: Kristina Dosen

This document developted by our experienced fiscal experts defines the constraints of S4FiscalServic... Read more

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Software package

S4FiscalService for Slovakia

Slovakia Slovakia 26.01.2021. 16:12H Author: Kristina Dosen

An installation package for S4FS fiscal middleware in Slovakia. Read more

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Technical description

Technical country overview SK

Slovakia Slovakia 22.01.2021. 16:53H Author: Kristina Dosen

A brief overview of fiscal requirements from the technical point of view. Read more

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Technical description

S4F Service country interface SK

Slovakia Slovakia 22.01.2021. 16:51H Author: Kristina Dosen

Specification of S4F Service architecture and interface for Slovakia. Read more

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Legal document

Value Added Tax - Act

Slovakia Slovakia 22.01.2021. 14:41H Author: Kristina Dosen

The act regulates Value Added Tax. Highly important regulation in relation to fiscal subjects, how t... Read more

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Slovakia Slovakia 22.01.2021. 14:31H Author: Kristina Dosen

The regulation of the cash register systems and of the essence for understanding the fiscalization i... Read more

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