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The Ministry of Finance announced that in April 2022 the validity of the server certificate of the Tax Authority expires, which is also used in the production environment of the fiscalization system. So, what's the procedure?

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The new server certificate will be implemented on Wednesday, April 27, 2022, on the side of the Tax Authority system.

Taxpayers will be able to start downloading the public key of the new certificate even before its replacement, from April 6, 2022 through the FINA certificate search engine ( or on the website of the Tax Authority.

The recommendation to the taxpayers is to contact the manufacturer/maintainer of the fiscalization software solution they use and/or their IT support for help in retrieving and storing the public key of the server certificate, because otherwise, after replacing the certificate on the Central Server of the Tax Administration, their fiscalization will be questionable.

Before the expiration of the server certificate of the production system, the server certificate of the fiscalization test system will be renewed on March 30, 2022, where the upcoming change can be tested.

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