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The following thresholds apply for registering for VAT in Greece: According to the VAT Legislation, any person who carries out taxable transactions (normal, reduced and zero rate VAT) must be entered into the VAT Register. When talking about residents and non-residents there are no limits whatsoever, meaning that no minimum limit is prescribed as a general rule.

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However, small residents below €10,000 turnover may apply for exemption from registering in the VAT system. They will be covered by the small enterprise scheme and those businesses that opt to be covered under this scheme will not be able to recover input VAT. The small enterprise scheme is not applicable for the following:
– Non-resident taxable persons
– Farmers subject to the flat-rate scheme
– Persons who are involved in the supply of new transportation means.
Also, the threshold is set at €10,000 for pan-EU digital services and goods as a part of OSS return. As for some additional thresholds that are defined, for intra-community acquisitions, it is likewise set at €10,000.

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