Public Albania Author: Kristina Dosen
The Albanian Institute of Certified Accountants (IKM) has appealed for postponement of the penalty-free period for fiscalization. Namely, the penalty-free period ended in full on July 31, 2022, but the issues brought on by introducing the new fiscalization system in Albania have remained unresolved. Among the most frequent problems encountered is the non-fiscalization of the tax declaration, and problems with purchase invoices made in foreign currency directly from the SelfCare Portal.

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Self-employed natural persons have pointed out that:

  • Purchase transactions don’t appear in their monthly statements
  • Their sales invoices are duplicated in the system
  • Purchase invoices are not displayed in SelfCare in some cases,
  • Sales transactions on the platform with more than 500 pages are not transferred in Excel 
  • Fuel bills aren’t being fiscalized during the days when the SelfCare system is not working, etc.

According to accountants, all these shortcomings will bring inaccuracies in July’s declaration, which will be made directly from the SelfCare platform, and this will lead to penalizing businesses for not declaring taxes correctly.

Their request is the postponement of the deadline for fiscalization and the application of penalties, until these problems are solved, as taxpayers cannot be penalized for problems that don’t depend on them but on the system itself. 


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