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The new application for scanning receipts - "Appodixi" was officially presented by Giorgios Pitsilis, the Governor of AADE, on his live appearance, stressing that it will be available by the end of this week for both devices with Android and iOS operating systems. As it now revealed, AADE is in discussions with the Ministry of Finance to provide a certain special bonus to any citizen who makes a named complaint.

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The consumer i.e. customer who received the receipt, after downloading the application on his mobile phone, will be able to easily scan the quick response code of the receipt he recieved from the seller. The application will process the data to determine if the amounts shown on the receipt agree with those sent to AADE via myDATA, as well as if the cash register is declared to the Tax Authority.  

In terms of how the application works in more detail, the consumer, if he sees that the receipt is not cross-referenced, can press "report" and by taking a picture of it, then transmit it anonymously or stating his name, choosing a reason for reporting, for instance questionable receipt number. The receipt then is delivered through the application to AADE, whose audit services will check if there is a violation and in this case a fine will be assessed and administrated to the company that issued the so called "monkey" receipt.

The Governor of AADE explained that this institution is in the process of discussing with the Ministry of Finance 

an incentive, a certain monetary reward for those who send us some receipt, from which an audit will result and a fine will be ascertained for intervention in the tax mechanism. This potential reward system as a stimulus to the customers was emphasized by Mr. Pitsilis in his speech and are referring to the cases of branded i.e named complaints. The consumer, after downloading the application on his mobile phone, will scan the QR code of the receipt he receives to activate the checking process in the application and depeding on the result and his willingness to inform against any problematic receipts.  

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