Public Albania Author: Kristina Dosen
The 2023 Fiscal Package, containing amendments to the four fiscal laws, has been published for public consultation. In the second week of October 2022, the Albanian Electronic Register for Public Notices and Consultations published four draft laws for consultation with Albanian citizens. Let's find out more in the following which regulations are included in this law.

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These laws are a part of the 2023 fiscal package and contain amendments to the following regulations:

  1. Law no. 9920 "For Tax Procedures in the Republic of Albania"
  2. Law no. 92/2014 "On value-added tax in the Republic of Albania"
  3. Law no. 9975 "For national taxes"
  4. Law no. 61/2012 "On excise duties in the Republic of Albania"

The changes in the draft law aim to reduce fiscal evasion by revising penalties and limiting the use of cash.

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