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Based on the adopted amendment in the Hungarian Parliament, a new option for customers in Hungarian stores is now available. Twice a month, for a maximum of HUF 40,000, any customer can receive cash from the seller free of charge when paying by card. Among other novelties, this change concerning stores in Hungarian fiscalization is included in the amendment to the package of proposals concerning the financial sector, which was adopted by the Legislative Committee of the Parliament at its meeting on Friday.

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The change facilitates the so-called cashback service function. The shops and merchants who undertake to provide the service provide the possibility of cash withdrawal to their customers who buy from them using a card as payment media. This is an option that sellers may include as an option for their customers, with certain limitations on its value.

As a result, in the future, based on the current novelty, card tender payments at points of sale would, if the trader allows it, provide a cashback option to the customer with a maximum limit of HUF 40,000 and no more than twice a month keeping the mentioned amount in mind, similar to cash withdrawals from ATMs but with the advantage for customers of doing so right on the spot while purchasing. 


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