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The technical specifications, noting and differencing two new types of Tax Electronic Mechanisms (FEM), are determined by a decision of the AADE's Giorgos Pitsilis. This is the distinction between the Tax Electronic Marking Mechanism of General Type (FIMAS, i.e., fiscal devices for regular sales), and the Restaurant FIMAS: FIMAS, like general-purpose devices, provides users with new capabilities while ensuring the accuracy of data transmitted to AADE, interfaces with POS to transmit card payment transactions, and adds a novel feature in that it can be upgraded without requiring an on-site technician visit. Restaurant FIMAS, however, are intended for restaurants that have tables to serve their customers. These devices intended for restaurant businesses are to have additional security specifications and records of the transaction process, from the issuance of order slips to the issuance of the final fiscal receipt and payment.

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The new technical document provides for detailed differentiation in requirements for these two different types of fiscal devices and certain interfacing specifics.

AADE's goal is that, by 2023, businesses will operate with modern FIMs that are suitable for the retail transactions they carry out based on their business type and demands. The more specific timetable for the replacement of FIMs that do not qualify for the new requirements will be determined in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance, after consultation with the market operators in the upcoming months.


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