Public Serbia Author: Kristina Dosen
The Tax Administration of the Republic of Serbia informs all taxpayers, business partners, and state institutions that the relocation of the Center for Large Taxpayers (CVPO) to the new office building of the Tax Administration in Zemun, 145 Cara Dusana Street, is happening. The move lasted until Monday, September 18, 2023, when the Center for Large Taxpayers started working at the new address. During the relocation period, it was not possible to communicate with the Center for Large Taxpayers via e-mail or telephone. The telephone numbers of the Center for Large Taxpayers remain unchanged for now. The Tax Administration will issue a timely notification about all future changes.

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The location change is especially relevant for those who are considered taxpayers and fulfill the criteria of large taxpayers in CVPO. One of the reasons for this is fiscalization when acquiring the secure element. Unlike other taxpayers of fiscalization who have other designated locations, large taxpayers of the Center for Large Taxpayers take over their ordered secure elements at the Center for Large Taxpayers. Therefore, this information could be the most relevant for these subjects.

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