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At the 11th session of the House of Peoples of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina (PABiH), the Law on Amendments to the Law on Value Added Tax was adopted, as proposed by the House of Representatives. The House of Peoples of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina has unanimously adopted a law to increase the threshold for mandatory VAT registration in Bosnia, and that threshold increase is from 50,000 to 100,000 BAM. The law was proposed by the House of Representatives of the Republic of Srpska BiH, and it aims to reflect the inflationary trends and price increases of goods and services in the past and future periods.

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The Finance and Budget Committee of the House of Peoples supported the proposal without amendments, and the Minister of Finance and Treasury of Bosnia and Herzegovina stated that he expects the law to provide relief to more than 6,200 taxpayers.

However, there was a debate about whether the law should also include a change in the VAT payment date from the 10th to the last day of the month, as it was originally proposed. This change was deleted from the final bill that was submitted to the House of Representatives after an amendment action in the House of Representatives. Some delegates expressed regret that the original proposal did not include this change, as it would have been of great benefit to the businessmen in this country.