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On the new website of Tax Authorities, which contains all the new information, news, regulations, and public notices of the Tax Authority of the Republic of Srpska, a new document is published. It concerns the topic of starting the process for suppliers of an element or elements of the electronic fiscal device in the Republic of Srpska based on the new law and technical specifications. It is published as Version 1.0 of the user instructions for registration on the portal for suppliers of electronic fiscal devices.

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This document outlines the steps to register as a supplier of an electronic fiscal device element in the supplier development system (development environment). The development system for suppliers is a system on which suppliers of elements of electronic fiscal devices can trial test elements of electronic fiscal devices, and it can be accessed at the link:

It consists of the step-by-step process to register as a user of the Development Environment on the Tax Authorities portal.

Those who register on the development system to obtain approval for an element or elements of the electronic fiscal device, after the element or elements of the electronic fiscal device pass technical and administrative controls and checks by the Tax Administration, will, as their suppliers, then be able to submit a request for approval for the elements of the electronic fiscal device.


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