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Larger supermarkets in Hungary will soon have to make it clear to customers if a product has become smaller. This is intended to combat so-called shrinkflation, where items have less content while the price remains the same or even increases. The complete information regarding this subject is outlined below.

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According to a statement from the country’s government, food retailers with a sales revenue of more than 1 billion HUF (around 2.6 million euros) will be obliged to display warnings on products that have shrunk in size while their prices have been maintained or increased.

Manufacturers will have to inform retailers of any changes in product size so that retailers will then be able to inform their customers as well.

The labels will have to signal any changes in weight or volume.

Based on the current published information, the retailers must provide the information for two months from the date they started to sell the product in the reduced size. They must warn customers in the store with, for example, shelf tags that a product has shrunk or similar labels that clearly indicate the changes in the product's size or weight.

These new rules are to come into effect in March and will remain in force for two months, as the current published notice states. It applies to larger supermarkets and other food and drink sellers with a minimum annual turnover of around 2.6 million euros.


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