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Those who have not installed POS by March 1st or have not enabled instant payment acceptance will be fined €1,500. To avoid delays, a special working group has been set up to monitor the implementation of the project "Interconnection of Electronic Cash Registers with POS Systems and with AADE.".

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It is noted that almost all categories of professional sectors in the retail market now have to accept card payments, while all freelancers will have to have a business account and accept instant payments through the IRIS system. So far, over 1,000,000 POS from 553,950 businesses have been registered in the AADE Registry.

With the interconnection of cash registers with POS (card payment terminals), control will be even easier and more substantial. In real-time, controllers will be able to see charges at the POS, receipts at the cash register, and inflows to the bank account to which the POS is linked.

In this way, any payment with „plastic“ money will be difficult to hide from the tax office. The Ministry of Finance estimates that only on this front will the VAT gap be significantly reduced and will be an essential step towards achieving the target, which is to reduce it to 9% in 2026. up from about 15% today, based on the announcements of the same ministry.

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