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Spain submits a draft regulatory framework for Crea y Crece law to the EU Commission. Following the publication of the draft Royal Decree regarding regulatory developments for “Crea y Crece” on June 15, 2023, the Finance Ministry and the Ministry of Economy and Digital Transformation in Spain have submitted a new edited version of the previous draft Royal Decree with some changes in it. This means that all companies and self-employed workers in Spain will be required to use electronic invoicing for their business transactions.

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If we briefly analyse the draft, we can see certain changes in deadlines. The deadlines will start calculating when the Royal Decree gets approved and published in the BOE (Official Gazette), which is expected to happen this year, and they are divided depending on the turnover of the taxpayer:

  • Legal entities and sole traders with an annual turnover of >8 million EUR in 1 year
  • Legal entities with annual turnover < 8MEUR in two years.
  • Sole traders with annual turnover < 8 million EUR for 2 years
  • Sole traders with annual turnover < 8 million EUR for 3 years

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