Public Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Author: Kristina Dosen
The Government of the Federation of BiH, at the proposal of the Federal Ministry of Trade, adopted the decision appointing the Working Group to draft the Law on Electronic Commerce in the upcoming months. This working group consists of representatives of several federal ministries as well as representatives of the eComm Association in BiH. The task of this working group is to prepare the text of the law and submit it to interested parties for conducting consultations and analysing written comments.

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After consultations, the Working Group will analyse the written comments and submit the final text of the preliminary draft law within 60 days, starting from the expiration of the last day of the deadline for submission of written comments, to the Federal Minister of Commerce for further proceedings.

In the drafting of the Law on Electronic Commerce of the FBiH, certain issues related to compliance with the regulations of the European Union will be covered, and the appropriate regulations in this area will be taken over and defined in the future.

During the drafting of the text, the Working Group will also cover issues related to compliance with EU regulations and take over the relevant regulations in this area. Based on the current information, the draft is expected to be ready in the next 3 to 4 months, depending on the steps that the working group takes alongside consultations for the draft to be completed.

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