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The national e-invoicing system, known as eFaktúra, is currently under development and aligns with the European Commission's "VAT in the Digital Age" (ViDA) initiative. This initiative underscores Slovakia's commitment to streamlining financial processes and enhancing compliance across the EU.

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Current Developments and Future Plans:

  1. National eFaktúra System: The implementation of Slovakia's national e-Invoicing system is ongoing. Specific guidelines and timelines are expected to be refined under the ViDA legislative framework, pending approval by EU Member States.
  2. Enhanced Financial Administration Services: Slovakia plans to improve its electronic financial services by integrating QR codes on taxpayer invoices and introducing pre-filled tax return forms. These measures aim to reduce errors and optimise tax payments.
  3. Implementation Timeline: While a precise timeline for the full implementation of the eFaktúra system has not been specified, enhancements such as QR codes are expected to be rolled out by late May and June 2024.

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