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The Federal Ministry of Trade opened a public debate on the Draft Law on Internal Trade that was published after both houses of the Parliament of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina adopted this Draft Law. Public discussion will be organized in five cities of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the first one occurring in Mostar, on the premises of the Chamber of Commerce. In a statement, the Federal Ministry informs that the public hearing will also be held in Zenica on June 13, then Tuzla on June 14, Sarajevo on June 19, and Bihać on June 26th.

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Based on the act itself as well as the statement of the Federal Ministry of Trade, the Draft Law on internal trade, among other things, regulates:

- the conditions and manner of conducting trade and trade services,

- specifies the rights and obligations of traders, forms of trade, and the method of formation and highlighting of prices as well,

- it also opens the possibility for electronic trade records, as well as trade and market monitoring,

- rules are prescribed for those engaged in e-commerce,

- as well as measures to prohibit unfair trading, supervision, and administrative measures, as well as administrative and inspection supervision over the application of this law.

As stated, the public discussion will last 60 days, and after that, the next steps for the Draft Law to become enforced will be conducted.


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