Public Republic of Srpska Author: Kristina Dosen
The Tax Administration of the Republic of Srpska has published a document with frequently asked questions and answers regarding the new fiscalization system.

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In this document, there are currently a large number of questions with answers on the following topics:

  • submitting applications for business premises,
  • submitting requests for ordering secure elements for new fiscal devices
  • and questions related to the topic of financial support for the transition to the new fiscalization.

In addition to the above, this document also includes some questions and answers related to specific ways of doing business and in connection with registering business premises and ordering secure elements together with answers related to the application of deadlines for the transition to the new fiscalization system.

Based on the Tax Authorities stance, questions and answers will be updated in the upcoming period with additional questions and answers regarding the new fiscalization system in the Republic of Srpska.

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