Public Republic of Srpska Author: Kristina Dosen
Based on the new Law on fiscalization as well as the Rulebook on fiscal receipt in the Republic of Srpska different documents will be possible from the electronic fiscal device. These documents if used need to be created via the electronic fiscal device, but they are not fiscal receipts in terms that no turnover change is created.

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According to this new Rulebook on fiscal receipt, there are the types of optional non-fiscal documents:
- Receipt copy – as a document that can be issued at the same time as the issuance of the original fiscal receipt, and also later
- Training receipt – as a possibility for training purposes, for the training of the user of the fiscal device for instance
- Proforma invoice – that can be issued before sales or advance payment receipt and is used for informative purposes
Among other elements, these documents must be different in layout from the fiscal receipts (different from fiscal receipts created for sales or advance payments). The creation of these documents does not make any changes i.e. does not affect turnover and they are optional to use, but if used certain requirements need to be followed.

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