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The subjects of fiscal obligation in Ghana encompass every taxpayer who is registered for Value Added Tax (VAT). This obligation is imposed on each sale of goods or services provided to customers. Regardless of the size or type of business, every VAT-registered taxpayer in the country is obligated to fiscalize their transactions.

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Ghana has three distinct categories of taxpayers: large, medium, and small taxpayers. All of these categories are encompassed by the fiscal obligation. This means that irrespective of whether a taxpayer falls into the large, medium, or small category, they are required to comply with the fiscalization requirements.

The fiscalization system in this country applies to both the standard VAT rate scheme and the flat VAT rate scheme. Regardless of which scheme a taxpayer falls under, they are subject to the new fiscalization system. This inclusion encompasses taxpayers in both scheme types.

It is important to note that under this system, all VAT components for both VAT scheme types remain integral to the calculation of liabilities. Whether a taxpayer is under the standard VAT rate scheme or the flat VAT rate scheme, the respective VAT components continue to hold significance in the calculation of their fiscal responsibilities.


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