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The Independent Authority of Public Revenue (AADE) has announced a new obligation for businesses in Greece that use card payment instruments (POS) to register their POS terminals on the myAADE digital portal. The POS Registry will start operating on September 29, 2023, and businesses will have to comply with the deadlines and procedures set by the AADE directive.

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The POS Registry is part of the project to interconnect cash registers and POS, which aims to improve tax compliance and transparency in the Greek market. The POS Registry will be established and maintained by the AADE based on the information that the AADE will receive from POS providers, such as payment service providers (acquirers) and payment instrument providers (NSPs). Businesses will be able to access and correct their POS data on the myAADE portal and submit declarations for any changes or corrections.

A register of POS payment instruments is created, maintained, and continuously updated on the myAADE digital site per the decision of the Governor of AADE, George Pitsilis. This represents a crucial step in the direction of carrying out the crucial project of integrating POS and cash registers. The AADE's goal is for the POS register to be set up automatically, based on the information that the AADE will receive from POS providers, and for businesses to correct and complete their image, stating the POS that may not be included in the data sent by the providers.

In particular, the active POS of businesses will be declared automatically, through an interface (API), every ten days:

  • by Payment Service Providers (Acquirers) who clear transactions paid using payment cards and
  • by Payment Instrument Providers (NSPs) that provide, install, and manage POS (payment) terminals.

Additionally, there are certain obligations for businesses that are using POS as well.

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