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The Greek government is currently in the process of a big project to connect the cash registers and tax mechanisms with the card readers (POS-EFT) and the electronic systems of the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (AADE). This project aims to enhance the transparency of transactions and the fight against tax evasion, emphasizing modern ways of payment as well as keeping up with the transactional data of businesses in this country.

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The following are the main points of the project, summarized by their main objectives:

  1. Viewing of POS items:
  • Businesses can access the myAADE digital portal using their credentials and check the POS details, such as the serial number, the provider, the location, and the status of each POS device.
  1. Filing a statement of disagreement:
  • Businesses can file a Declaration of Payment Instruments online through the myAADE portal within 10 days from the date of the POS registration if they find any discrepancies or errors in the POS details.
  1. POS upgrade:
  • The upgrade of an active POS involves the installation of a software update that enables the communication of the POS with the cash register and the tax authorities.
  • The update, i.e., upgrade, is done automatically by the NSPs without any intervention from the businesses themselves.
  1. Upgrade notification:
  • Businesses receive an email notification to upgrade their POS, which informs them about the date and time of the upgrade, the benefits of the upgrade, and the steps they need to follow after the upgrade.
  1. POS (Cash Register Interface):
  • Within 30 days from the notification and no later than February 29, 2024, the FIM technician visits the business premises, interconnects the POS with the Cash Register on-site, and completes the process.
  • The interconnection ensures that the amount and method of payment of each transaction are recorded and transmitted to the tax authorities based on the requirements and in real-time.

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