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The myAADEapp, a new innovative application of the Independent Authority of Public Revenue for mobile devices, was presented to the public by the Governor of AADE. MyAADEapp offers AADE's digital services to citizens and businesses at any time, wherever they are, through their mobile phones, also acting as a tax agenda, informing them about their tax obligations, and allowing them to download and store useful documents. Functions offered by this new application are listed below.

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In particular, the new application offers a complete range of functions, such as:

  • Access to the tax account in real time for information on current tax debts and refund amounts
  • Instant, secure debt payments, directly from the app, via IRIS, or by card
  • Manage contact information and IBAN declarations for tax refunds.
  • Monitoring and management of requests and appointments
  • Access to "My Messages" to receive and manage personalised messages from AADE
  • Specialised real-time alerts for citizens, traders, and tax advisors, as well as personalised tax updates
  • myWallet, to add and store basic documents such as registry data, tax clearance, road tax, and certificates for easy access.
  • Direct access to AADE's Appodixi application for easy scanning and checking of receipts
  • Possibility of quick login using PIN and biometrics, choice of language (Greek or English), and application colour theme
  • Locating AADE services on a map with geolocation capability and viewing contact details
  • Tap-to-call capability at the AADE Taxpayer Service Centre.

The launch of myAADEapp marks a transformative leap in Greece's journey towards a digital-first approach to public services, as stated by the governor himself and representatives of relevant ministries on the presentation of the app.


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