Public Hungary Author: Kristina Dosen
In Hungary, downloading an e-receipt that will be used based on the new requirements (that will allow the usage of e-receipts as a receipt format) involves a straightforward process leveraging modern solutions. The IT background of the e-receipt has been developed in such a way that the customer will not need any special registration to use it. All he would need is a smartphone and the app downloaded to it.

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Firstly, the customer will need to download a designated application on their smartphone. This application serves as a receiver for e-receipts. When making a purchase, the customer will present a QR code generated by the app at the e-cash register (ePG). The e-cash register scans the QR code and generates an electronic receipt, which is not printed but instead uploaded to the Receipt Store at the National Tax and Customs Administration (NAV). The customer can then download their e-receipt from this receipt store at their convenience (using his application). This system simplifies the process, ensures data security without requiring special registration from the customer, and provides easier access to previous receipts for customers in Hungary. 

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