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We are excited to announce the release of the new FCC version 4.1.1, which is available for download from the portal, as well as enhancements to the documentation portal and the New ELSTER Documentation Area. More on both topics, as follows:.

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  1. Release of FCC Version 4.1.1

As previously communicated, this is a mandatory update that must be implemented for all active FCC installations in both test and production accounts utilising cloud TSS, with a compliance deadline set for July 31, 2024.

Important Update Features:

  • Service Installation Fix: Resolves an issue related to updates when FCC is installed as a service.
  • CSP 1.4 Update: Enhancements to the Cryptographic Service Provider.
  • Java Update: Transition to Java version 17 for improved performance and security.
  • Admin Authentication for Actuators: Addition of admin authentication to actuator endpoints.
  • Process Disabling Changes: Introduction of a new finalExportFlag endpoint in the disable process.
  • ERS Info Validation: Modification in ERS info validation during registration due to integration with ERIC.
  • Operating System Certifications: Updates to the list of certified operating systems.

We recommend conducting tests with the new version before deploying it in production environments. For detailed instructions and additional information, please refer to the changelog notes related to the new Java version in the "package versions" section.

Fiscal Solutions adapted the S4FService middleware to the new version of FCC. This will already be supported in versions 1.82.41 and 1.82.115, which are expected to be released soon. Do not forget that these changes are mandatory until July 31, because after that, the old version will not give the fiscal signature due to the expiration of the certificate.

  1. Enhancements to the Documentation Portal and the New ELSTER Documentation Area

To improve the user experience and accessibility, the documentation portal has been updated too. The redesign aims to make information more easily accessible and navigable for all users.

Additionally, we are introducing a dedicated section for electronic registration, facilitating direct access to all materials related to ELSTER reporting. This new section hosts comprehensive documentation available in both German and English, designed to assist with understanding and compliance related to electronic tax reporting.

These updates reflect a commitment to improving the functionality and user experience of DF systems.


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